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Sedex Audit in Leather Bag Factory

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Sedex Audit of Leather Bag Factory



Instructions -- Sedex audit process generally includes the following steps:

Participate in Sedex audits To participate ,  departments must be members of the company .  Sedex .  This includes registering on the Sedex platform & paying a membership fee . 



Self--Assessment Survey: After becoming a member ,  distributors must complete a self--assessment survey called the Sedex Self--Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) .  SAQ covers many aspects of social & ethical compliance ,  such as labor standards ,  health & safety ,  environmental impact & business practices . 



Selection: Based on the SAQ response ,  Sedex uses a risk--based approach when selecting suppliers for inspection .  Factors such as location ,  industry & previous work experience may influence the selection process . 



Get audited: Once selected ,  suppliers will be audited by an approved Sedex audit company or a third--party auditor .  The audit firm will frequently contact the vendor to prepare for the audit & provide information about the audit's resources ,  objectives ,  & needs . 



On--Site Audit: The auditor visits the supplier & performs an on--site audit .  Audits include reviewing documents ,  interviewing staff & management ,  & inspecting facilities to ensure compliance with social & ethical standards .  Auditors will focus on areas such as work ,  health & safety ,  working hours ,  wages & management . 



Inspection: Following the on--site inspection ,  the inspector prepares an inspection report summarizing the findings ,  observations & recommendations .  The report is usually shared with the seller ,  & sometimes with the buyer who requested the inspection . 



Corrections: If any discrepancies or areas for improvement are identified during the audit ,  the seller must develop & implement an accurate plan to resolve the issue .  Sedex supports a continuous improvement approach where suppliers work to solve identified problems & improve their relationships & ethical values . 



Post--audit audit: In some cases ,  especially in case of significant discrepancies detected during the initial audit ,  a post--audit audit is required to check whether the seller did the right thing . 



Data Sharing: Sedex allows merchants to share credentials & other relevant information with their customers or other Sedex members through the platform .  This helps companies understand & evaluate the culture & ethics of their suppliers . 

It is important to remember that the Sedex audit is not a certification ,  but an evaluation of the relationship between suppliers & ethics .  However ,  Sedex members may use audit data to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility & meet customer or business needs .

Sedex Audit in Leather Factory

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₹ 75,000 /Certificate Get Latest Price

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Service LocationPAN India

Minimum order quantity: 01 Certificate

Sedex Audit for Leather Factories


Participation & Registration: Our company participates in Sedex as a member . 



Prepare for audits: Suppliers in the Sedex network are subject to regular social & ethical audits .  Vendors must prepare & obtain important information ,  policies & information regarding occupational ,  health & safety & environmental impacts prior to the audit . 




Selection of audit type: Sedex audit can be of different types such as SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) ,  SA8000 or other fairness certificates . 

Professional Review: The actual review is performed by a certified third--party provider .  Auditors examine suppliers ,  processes & materials against ethical standards .  This may include employee interviews ,  written reviews ,  & on--site inspections . 



Send report: After the review is completed ,  the reviewer sends a detailed report to Sedex .  The report includes findings regarding compliance with ethical standards ,  identified inconsistencies ,  & recommendations for improvement . 



Providing analytical data regarding Sedex: Analytical data & ethical data will be sent to the Sedex platform .  This information will be used by the seller's partners . 



Correction Plan: If there is no relationship during the audit ,  the seller must develop a correction plan .  The plan outlines the steps the seller will take to resolve & correct the identified problems . 




Continuous improvement: Sedex supports the ethics of continuous improvement .  Suppliers need to take action ,  update their policies & practices ,  & conduct periodic audits to ensure continued compliance . 



Cooperation: Sedex encourages cooperation between suppliers & customers .  Buyers can access evidence & ethical information on the platform to make informed decisions about purchasing from responsible & ethical sellers . 



Legal4sure is positioned as a Sedex audit consultant & can provide the following services:




Sedex audit preparation: assisting companies selling by providing information ,  rules & audit practices Sedex Prepare for your audit .  By reviewing fair & responsible business models . 



Training & awareness: Organize training to encourage company employees to understand the ethics & management policy of Sedex . 



Audit support: In addition to providing support during the Sedex audit ,  supporting the communication between the auditor & the company ,  providing the necessary information & supporting the efficient functioning of the audit process . 



Correction Planning: Helping companies develop & implement corrective actions & create action plans in case the Sedex audit has no impact . 



Continuous improvement: Provide companies with ideas for continuous improvement of ethics & corporate responsibility beyond the audit process . 

To obtain information about Sedex's Legal 4sure services ,  you must contact them directly through their official channels (such as their website ,  phone number or email) .  With Sedex analysis ,  you can ask about their experience ,  expertise & success stories .

Fssc 22000 Certification

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₹ 80,000 /Certificate Get Latest Price

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Mode of ReportSoft Copy
Type of IndustryFor Food & Packaging Material Industry
Type of CertificationNew Certification
Services offeredConsultancy
Training Courses (if applicable)Certification services
Document verification ModeOnline

Fssc 22000 Certification




Food Safety Systems Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) is a strong international certification like ISO Fssc 22000 Certification for food .  Safety testing in the food & beverage industry .  & certification .  FSSC 22000 uses the ISO 22000 ,  ISO 22003 standards & pre--market readiness (PRP) specifications ,  which were developed through extensive & open discussions with various relevant organisations . 

FSSC 22000 is the next available standard This is a step forward for ISO 22000 certified companies looking to replace their certification with the GFSI standard .

Fssc 22000 Consultancy

₹ 80,000 /Certificate Get Latest Price

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Type of IndustryFor Food
Type of CertificationNew Certification
Services offeredConsultancy
Document verification ModeOffline
Target LocationPan India
Certifications ProvidedFSSC 22000

Minimum order quantity: 1 Certificate


By providing consultancy to more than 500 customers ,  we provide service to our customers from our experts on FSSC 22000 Technical support .

ISO 22000 Certification Service

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Certifications ProvidedISO 22000
Service Duration15 Days
Service TypeISO Certification
Service LocationPan India

ISO 22000 Certification Services




Our organization provides ISO 22000 Certification Services .  This service is done at a low cost .  This service is managed by professionals with extensive business experience & expertise .  In addition ,  the timely completion of this service was praised by the market . 

Fssc 22000 Food Safety Management

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₹ 85,000 /Certificate Get Latest Price

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Service LocationPan India

Minimum order quantity: 01 Certificate

FSSC 22000 Certification--


Overview :  FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is a robust & internationally recognized certification scheme designed for organizations in the food industry . 

Scope :  FSSC 22000 certification covers the entire food supply chain  ,  including food manufacturing  ,  processing  ,  packaging  ,  & distribution .  It is applicable to various sectors within the food industry  ,  providing a comprehensive framework for ensuring the safety & quality of food products . 

Standard Requirements :  The certification is based on ISO 22000  ,  which outlines the fundamental requirements for a food safety management system .  FSSC 22000 further integrates additional requirements specific to the food sector  ,  addressing the unique challenges & risks associated with food safety . 

Key Components : 

ISO 22000 : 2018 :  Core requirements for a food safety management system . 

ISO/TS 22002--X :  Sector--specific pre--requisite programs  ,  such as ISO/TS 22002--1 for food manufacturing or ISO/TS 22002--4 for packaging manufacturing . 

FSSC Additional Requirements :  Specific requirements that complement ISO 22000 for a more comprehensive food safety system . 

Certification Process : 

Pre--Assessment :  Organizations often conduct a pre--assessment to identify gaps & areas for improvement before the formal certification audit . 

Certification Audit :  Conducted by an accredited certification body  ,  the audit evaluates the organization's compliance with FSSC 22000 standards  ,  including documentation  ,  processes  ,  & controls . 

Corrective Actions :  If non--conformities are identified  ,  the organization must implement corrective actions to address deficiencies . 

Certification Decision :  Upon successful completion of the audit & closure of corrective actions  ,  the certification body makes a decision regarding FSSC 22000 certification . 

Benefits : 

Enhanced Food Safety :  Implementing FSSC 22000 helps organizations identify & mitigate potential food safety risks  ,  ensuring the production of safe & quality food products . 

Market Access :  FSSC 22000 certification is widely recognized  ,  enhancing market access & facilitating trade with retailers & consumers globally . 

Consumer Confidence :  Certification demonstrates a commitment to food safety  ,  fostering trust among consumers & stakeholders . 

Operational Efficiency :  The systematic approach to food safety management improves operational efficiency & reduces the risk of foodborne hazards . 

Continual Improvement :  FSSC 22000 encourages a culture of continual improvement .  Organizations are required to regularly review & update their food safety management system to adapt to evolving industry standards & emerging risks . 

Ongoing Compliance :  Maintaining FSSC 22000 certification requires ongoing compliance with the standard .  Regular surveillance audits by the certification body ensure that the organization continues to meet the established requirements . 


FSSC 22000 certification is a strategic investment for food organizations  ,  demonstrating their commitment to food safety & quality throughout the supply chain .  The certification is recognized globally  ,  providing a competitive advantage in the food industry .

Pollution Control Board Consultancy Services

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Coverage Area<100 Square Feet
Consultancy Service TypeConsultancy
Service areaCity
Service providedPan India
Time Required20 Days
Type of ServiceLicense

Minimum order quantity: 1 Unit

Pollution Control Board Consultancy Services



We are providing Pollution Control Board Consultancy Services to our clients for their Factory work establishment to meet the general Requirements of a functional Facility


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